Bendita Crítica

Know the objective of the blog.

Bendita Crítica emerged from a need to contribute to the strengthening of a more critical dance and multidisciplinary community in Colombia. This is an intrepid space designed to create an opportunity for questioning and dialogue. As an artist I seek in this space to establish a horizontal treatment for every reviewed project from Colombia, where we can let go of hierarchies, institutions and habits that can categorize our creations. Through this, we can contemplate and grow as a community towards a deep thinking that allows us to truly observe each expressiveness on stage.

Here I speak without asking for forgiveness or permission, with the commitment to weave and investigate current national and international dance and multidisciplinary projects. I firmly believe that any artistic community can nurture themselves and question based on the creations that emerge in other parts of the world. This is a space for the exchange of national and international reviews, with the purpose of getting to know each other and desire to know and feel more.