by Tintamaldita

*Inserte Título Amoroso*

Company: Gente Anónima

Venue: Teatro de Garaje

Date: August 4, 2022

"While we consciously fear not being loved, the real fear, although usually unconscious, is to love."
~Erich Fromm

Love, heartbreak. Tik tok, makeup, breaking the fourth wall, blood. Classic cabaret tone, underworld tone, Greek mythology tone, muses, gods and their conflicts. An explosion of content and sensations that keep us gripping our chairs, without knowing when we will end up telling others about the day our ex broke up with us. An instant in which time stops, where dialogues interwave between dance, theater, sound and audiovisual effects, and where the characters converse in a dead-end universe that borders on the tones of Fosse and comedy Generation Z style. Inserte Título Amoroso, a daring bet by the interdisciplinary collective Gente Anónima.

Gente Anónima is always characterized by a very unique use and design of lighting and space, which on this occasion was a delight. Sudden changes, strong colors and reddish tints, agile use of darkness, narrative incorporation of audiovisual language and the insistence of tonality through shiny objects and strange textures. As a spectator, this work led me to question what love means from a social perspective and how love makes sense or not within a universe made up by ourselves. I arrived at these questions because of the logical clarity of the characters in relation to the world they inhabit. I must honestly highlight that I was deeply captivated by “the presenter”, the one who from my point of view was the main character. He maintained a logic and a very clear internal world, which was shared with the audience from each gesture and gaze. “The presenter” generated a delicious anguish in me, where everything could be a joke or a deep and heartbreaking truth.

The piece encourages me to question the origin of the final structure of the work (the origin of the decisions of what remains on stage and what does not) and additionally, encourages me to investigate the growth that this project may have in the future. I remain with an unfinished feeling of not connecting with the narrative of the two women, of whom I did not understand the reason or the weight of their role in this story. I wondered if the fact that they were women had an influence and what was their experience in this universe, which I perceived as silenced. One element where I can see potential for growth is the use of the body, which could have deeper exploration. With depth I mean the physical forms that are executed and the anatomical and muscular intelligence of the body at the moment of being executed. It is an aspect that could grow towards greater precision, a precision of the idea and the quality that is being sought from the choreographic desire.

*Inserte Título Amoroso* is one of the works that I wanted to review from the moment I got home, since I consider that it comes from a collective which is weaving new structural paths for dance and for transversality in the scenic sphere; the current need to combine and cross performing languages ​​and to accept the transdisciplinary nature of creation. This is a work that, although it is open to all audiences, in my opinion it aims for a specific one: probably an audience that is horizontal to the actors and their ages, meaning that, they share the same type of humor, problems, and they invite intimacy/understanding of a very personal sphere based on being listened by peers. From this perspective, I invite to approach this work from your inner youth, from being willing to share in a space that will lead you to surprises, and to the opening of young voices that dialogue with their own internal world. Being children and uninhibited will open the doors to the curiosity of being part of this experience and to enjoy the internal hell of loving.

By: Tintamaldita

Review #2

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