by Tintamaldita

Tránsito 3-50

Company: Departamento Coreográfico

Venue: Teatro de Occidente

Date: August 3, 2022

They go up to the house in a box,
They go down to the street in a box.
They travel in a box.
They sleep and make love on a box.
Through a box they see the world.
~Angel Guinda

That night I found myself in a space full of individual stories, metaphors, and towers of boxes. I embarked on the path of a work proposed to listen, discover and surprise. I immersed myself in Tránsito 3-50, an intriguing investigation proposed by the members of Departamento Coreográfico, a dance company from Bogotá. I met with a group of people each with a story to tell, who lived in relation to objects and others, in a space full of surprises, effects, curiosity and discovery.

In this proposal the dancers inhabit individuality, group experiences and objectual physical explorations. These frame the dancers to share their curiosity live with their audience, guided by an impeccable joint technique and a lot of listening. Tránsito 3-50 is an artistic proposal that articulates the silence and noise that exist in dance. It brings within rooted dancers with a clear purpose of movement, and delivers precise imagery. In these dynamics space is used intelligently, generating a perhaps dreamlike universe that invites to detail and to pursue the actions.

I must confess that my choreographic mind led me to desire even more investigative depth. From my perspective, the structure of the work becomes predictable. As a spectator I quickly understand the order, since it varies between group and individual phrases and I can predict what comes next. While this effect may be a choreographic decision, this made me wish for more surprise elements not just for the audience but for the performers themselves (as it’s clear they’re more than capable of playing and letting go). Sometimes the dancers seem like they are thinking about the execution of the material without being clear about what their character is, what that person is going through or what they are feeling. It would be a delight to see this group, so intelligent and sensitive, take more and more surprises within this universe. All the individual investigations (solos), precisely reveal this deep potential of the work. The potential of a blinding light that attracts a body, or some waterlogged boots, can be imprinted in the soul of the spectator and in this way, see through each little box a complex world.

Tránsito 3-50 captivated from the bottom of my creative being the way in which a metaphor can become literal. The images created directly communicate imaginations, universes, and everything that can be uncovered and seen inside, like the box. From small searches of gestures and actions, to large searches of individual body languages, the staging denotes an immense creativity and intelligence for the resources. A great investigative and sensitive work for all audiences, that stimulates the Bogota dance community and provides a great artistic experience, full of surprises.

By: Tintamaldita

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